Our Step-Up A-frame, straight, extension, and fruit-picking aluminium ladders are all meticulously engineered, the lightest on the market, and suitable for both industrial and domestic use.

All our ladders feature a patented polypropylene injection-moulded rung, with a unique locator pin for strength which penetrates either side of the upright aluminium legs. The rung has been strength-tested by the CSIR and can hold in excess of 140kg without any distortion. The rivets used to secure the rung have a shear strength of 130kg each, and there are eight per rung.

The aluminium used is assessed via an aeronautical testing process, and each extrusion is quality-controlled through a certificate of analysis.



A-Frame Ladders

When folded, our Step-Up A-Frame Ladder is compact and easy to store. For increased stability, all ladders over 2.1m (7-step) are manufactured with a broader base.

Straight Ladders

These incredibly light ladders are popular in the building industry. They are non-load-bearing for the user and come in a variety of lengths, from 1.5m (5-step) to 4.2m (14-step).

Extension Ladders

Our Step-Up Extension Ladder is light and easy to use, featuring extremely strong glass-filled nylon brackets. This versatile product can also be used as two separate straight ladders if desired.


Fruit-Picking Ladders

What makes our fruit-picking ladder unique?

  • Unique UV-protected polypropylene step
  • Safe work-load of 150 kgs
  • Broad base for extra stability
  • Ladder manufactured in various lengths to accommodate tree height
  • Steps come in range of colours to accommodate branding or picking teams
  • Spare parts available and easily interchangeable (not ladder length specific)
  • Made from aerospace aluminum alloy – increased strength with additional flexibility.





All our CORNER STAR extrusions are protected by CLOSED DIES and all CORNER STAR designs are protected by INTELLECTUAL PATENTS.

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