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A-Frame Ladders

When folded, our Step-Up A-Frame Ladder is compact and easy to store. For increased stability, all ladders over 2.1m (7-step) are manufactured with a broader base.

Our Step-Up A-frame, straight, extension, and fruit-picking aluminium ladders are all meticulously engineered, the lightest on the market, and suitable for both industrial and domestic use.

All our a-frame ladders feature a patented polypropylene injection-moulded rung, with a unique locator pin for strength which penetrates either side of the upright aluminium legs. The rung has been strength-tested by the CSIR and can hold in excess of 140kg without any distortion. The rivets used to secure the rung have a shear strength of 130kg each, and there are eight per rung.


The aluminium used is assessed via an aeronautical testing process, and each extrusion is quality-controlled through a certificate of analysis. Contact us today!


About Corner Star Africa

Corner Star Africa is proud to be an owner-managed, 100% South African business, based in Johannesburg. We’re equally proud of our quick turnaround time, flexibility in solutions and strict quality-control measures – all of which are geared towards providing you with high quality insect screens, ladders and washing lines for your needs.

Proudly South African insect screens, ladders and washing lines

All our raw materials and finished goods are produced in South Africa, allowing us to give back to the local industry and support the local manufacturing environment. We also strongly believe in developing local skills, exemplified by the upskilling of our own employees.

A high-quality production facility

At our manufacturing site in northern Johannesburg we continuously use our engineering experience to improve our products, which are subject to rigorous quality checks before being distributed throughout South Africa and Southern Africa at large.

More about us

Insect fly screens, ladders and DIY washing lines. Corner Star Africa, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, produces a comprehensive range of aluminium solutions. All engineered to the highest standards. All of the highest quality. All at a very reasonable price.

In addition to creating the Corner Star Africa range of aluminium insect fly screens, ladders and DIY washing lines, we also source and distribute high-quality aluminium windows and doors on request. Contact us today and we’ll help you with all your custom requirements.




All our CORNER STAR extrusions are protected by CLOSED DIES and all CORNER STAR designs are protected by INTELLECTUAL PATENTS.

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